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Lerner and Rowe Net Worth: A Look at the Legal Empire

In the US, the law firm Lerner and Rowe has established itself as a household name. It’s difficult to miss them with their memorable jingle and numerous billboards. But how effective are they really? We’ll examine Lerner and Rowe’s net worth, how they got to where they are now, and what makes them unique from other law firms in this blog post.

Who Are Lerner and Rowe?

Glen Lerner and Kevin Rowe established Lerner and Rowe in 2005 as a personal injury litigation business. Since then, they have grown into a number of states, such as Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, Nevada, California, Illinois, and Indiana. Personal injury claims, such as those involving vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls, medical negligence, and wrongful death, are the firm’s area of expertise.

Lerner and Rowe’s Rise to Success

The success of Lerner and Rowe can be ascribed to their original method of practicing law. They place a high value on client satisfaction and have a staff of committed lawyers who fight relentlessly to secure the just compensation for their clients. The company uses an aggressive marketing approach, including a catchy jingle and several billboards. This has made it simpler for potential customers to find them because it has helped them become well-known.

Their charitable endeavors have also contributed to Lerner and Rowe’s success. The company has a foundation that donates money to a number of good organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Arizona Children’s Association, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. This has enabled them to get respect from locals and draw in clients who are looking to hire a service.

Lerner and Rowe’s Net Worth

There are various techniques to determine Lerner and Rowe’s net worth even if they are a private corporation and do not release their financial information. Forbes estimates that the personal injury law market in the US is approximately $35 billion. Due to Lerner and Rowe’s significant market position in various states, they probably bring in millions of dollars annually.

In addition to providing legal services, Lerner and Rowe also engages in a number of other businesses that add to their wealth. They have a real estate investment firm, a marketing firm that assists other firms with their advertising, and a sports agency that represents professional athletes.

What Sets Lerner and Rowe Apart?

The success of Lerner and Rowe is not just attributable to their marketing plan or charitable endeavors. They differ from other firms due to their distinctive approach to the law. The availability of their services around-the-clock is one of Lerner and Rowe’s strengths. Customers can phone them at any time, day or night, and someone will be ready to help them.

Their arrangement for contingent fees is another feature that distinguishes Lerner and Rowe. In other words, they don’t bill their customers up advance for their legal services. Instead, they retain a portion of the settlement or judgment won by their client. This helps clients afford legal representation, and it also inspires the lawyers at Lerner and Rowe.


In the United States, the name Lerner and Rowe has become synonymous with personal injury law. Their success can be due to their original method of practicing law, strong marketing plan, and charitable endeavors. Despite not having made their net worth public, they probably bring in millions of dollars annually. It’s no surprise that Lerner and Rowe has grown to be one of the most prosperous law firms in the nation given their commitment to client pleasure and their availability around-the-clock.

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